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Portable low speed dustless grinder with
advanced “wide open” cleanout

The MGL2, like our SMGL2, packs a lot of smart engineering into little grinders. The MGL2 low-speed size-reduction unit grinds to a consistent size. Dust and cutting errors are reduced, and no “longs” can slip through. Combining low-speed, energy-saving, granulating technology with primary and secondary blades, regrind that flows more consistently into your production, moving easily through your material handling systems and molding with fewer rejects.

Re-engineered to make it
even easier to clean

The new MGL2 lets you spread it “wide-open” for fast, easy cleaning, and product and color changes. The unit “unfolds” to completely and safely expose every nook and cranny so you can quickly clean and prepare for the next job without worry of contamination.



Way Open

Way Way Open

Quiet, safe operation

The MGL2 incorporates a steel damper plate to significantly reduce noise, so it operates quietly and efficiently. Units are also equipped with two limit switches and an emergency shut-off button. An integrated thermostat helps prevent the motor from overheating.

Small footprint and portable

The MGL2 has a tiny footprint, so it easily glides into place, tucking neatly into a convenient, out of the way place, or snugly up against a machine.

Easy-to-clean and virtually maintenance free

Stainless steel components and easy-to-clean design make changing material and color a snap. And both units are screenless, so there is even less maintenance and no screen to wear out and replace. The smart, simple design means years of reliable, maintenance-free operation.