JCM Jet Color Blender

Click here for detailed drawing (pdf 50k)

Maintenance Item Frequency Work Detail Notes
Measuring Unit
Every Material
or Color Change
Clean areas where particles are sticking.
  If cleaning is not done sufficiently, it may cause color defects (I.e. uneven coloring) Check to see if measuring table is closing outlet. If there are any slight openings, this may lead to damage caused by materials getting caught.
Lift Unit
Rub a thin amount of grease on the up/down post to raise lift unit.
  Check to see if there are any gaps after lowering the lift. If there is a gap, this may lead to overload problems caused by materials getting caught.
JCM Base Bolt
Every 6 Months Check to see if bolt on molding side is loose. *if loose, tighten bolts.
  If bolts are loose, unit may tip over.

* For safety purposes, please turn off power before starting inspections/maintenance.

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