Intelligent mixing, automatic flow
optimization & resin-demand forecasting

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The JCW2-i gravimetric blender combines incredibly accurate blending technology with intelligent metering and forecasting to help you maximize quality and reduce energy and waste. It senses changes, automatically adjusts, and keeps production moving as demand changes.


Intelligent mixing.

Feed optimization software, coupled with demand forecasting signals, reduce resin waste by as much as 99%. Flow is automatically regulated based on your injection mold machine‘s status. Minimizing material usage helps reduce cleaning time and labor when materials or colors are changed.

It works automatically

The JCW2-i optimizes blender performance without additional input. Even with a material change, the JCW2-i automatically detects and alters measurements to accommodate the new material. Simple.

A smaller footprint

The JCW2-i is nearly half the footprint of previous units, while maintaining a maximum capacity of 319 lbs/h. This is accomplished by integrating measuring and conveying into the unit. The intelligence software keeps batches smaller and maximizes mixture uniformity.

Simple-to-use interface

Technology is only as good the people who have to use it. We made it simple, using a straight-forward touch-screen interface.

Easy maintenance

Smooth, polished hopper surfaces make cleaning fast. Dust can be swept down to the hopper bottom where materials can be completely removed. The hopper and screw can be easily removed, wiped cleaned, and re-installed fast to get the JCW2-i quickly back into production.


Model JCW2-i-05 APH JB
Power Supply Voltage AC200/230V/460V 50/60Hz 3-phase
  Apparent Power Breaker Capacity 5.15kVA 30A
Air Supply Pressure Consumption 0.4MPa 1NL/min
Maximum Measuring Capacity 70kg/h 1.45kg/h 145kg/h
Processing Capacity 60kg/h 140kg/h 140kg/h
Measurement Type Gravimetric
Measuring Points 4
Hopper Volume Virgin 5 or 14L
    Regrind 5 or 14L
    MB 5 or 11L
Measuring Hopper Volume 12L
Charge Hopper Volume Custom Made 3.5L
Measuring Range Virgin Screw Feeder F-50 ITO 100g or more
  Regrind Screw Feeder F-50 ITO 100g or more
  MB Screw Feeder F-40 ITO 50g or more
    Screw Feeder F-25 ITO 2g or more
Measuring Accuracy Virgin ±0.5%
The blender starts by measuring the ingredient that is used in the smallest amount, then uses that actual measurement to adjust the set values for materials to be subsequently measured, such as primary materials and regrind. As a result, the measurement accuracy for the materials measured first the the minimum setting gradation of 1g or less.
Materials Virgin Pellets: cut strand approx. 1.5 to 4mm dia. 4mm long. Square pellets: approx. 1.5 to 4 mm
  Regrind Materials that do not bridge the safety mesh (40mm x 40mm openings) excluding miscuts with an apparent specific gravity of 0.3 to 0.5
Volume per Batch up to 1kg Up to 3kg Up to 3kg
MB Ratio Up to 1000x
Mixing Method APH (Blending Hopper) Mixing Drum
Effective Volume 3L 8L 10L
Outer Dimension (inches) 33w x 37.5d x 68h
Weight (lbs) 308 331

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