All Dryers now include an industry-leading 6 Year Warranty!

Exclusively for customers in the 48 contiguous states (USA market).

The best just keeps getting better!

What happens when the best dryer meets the best warranty? Your peace of mind. Matsui stands behind our products, and so do our service folks. A six-year warranty ensures that if something goes wrong, you won't be stranded waiting for your line to get back up and running. Matsui know-how and quality, combined with an unmatched warranty will ensure that you stay productive! When quality can't be compromised, consider Matsui.
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Portable desiccant

It keeps thinking about how to save energy

With the most advanced resin drying technology, the MJ6-i dries resin in a fraction of the time so you can start processing faster. Then it continuously monitors load demands and dials down energy consumption while keeping resin a consistent, rock solid -40°F dew point all the way to its core.

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Portable desiccant

Advanced desiccant drying technology

Dries resin in a fraction of the time, and keeps it at a rock solid -40ºF dewpoint. Roll it from machine to machine and it has you ready to process fast. Resin is thoroughly dried right to the core helping you maintain strict quality standards. And it comes with a 10-year desiccant rotor limited warranty.

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Portable desiccant

Advanced drying with single or multi-hoppers, or integrated into your central loading system

Built around our most advanced desiccant rotor technology, these dryers integrate easily with a multi-hopper system, or tie into a central loading system. With a surprising small footprint, these portable dryers provide fast drying times with minimal space.

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Thermal conduction
compressed air dryer

Incredibly fast drying for small throughputs

The perfect little dryer for throughputs of 6 lbs./hour or less. It’s all the drying power you need without using more energy than you need to for small processing jobs.

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