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Stand alone desiccant drying.
Start molding sooner.

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The DMZ2 portable desiccant dryer can be part of your central loading system or serve multiple hoppers. It’s advanced resin drying technology drops moisture levels in a fraction of the time. Then it keeps resin a consistent, rock solid -40ºF dew point all the way to its core. And it does it faster and more consistently than the competition, so you can start molding faster.


Our "Honeycomb" desiccant wheel.

Matsui took a queue from nature and created the “honeycomb” desiccant wheel technology, then perfected it for decades. The spinning wheel is constantly presenting fresh, thirsty desiccant as moist air travels through every channel. As the wheel travels “wet” desiccant is dried and ready to absorb moisture again, and again, and again. Engineered to perform maintenance-free for years, desiccant wheels routinely still hold dewpoints to -40ºF after 15 years.


Spin, absorb, repeat

This is how it works. The rotor rotates through the various air flows. Heat dries the desiccant, the drying blower sends moist air through the desiccant and exists as dehumidified air. Then air cools the desiccant making it ready to remove moisture. And it does it reliably year after year after year.


Ideal for PET bottle production

The DMZ2 maintains a stable IV and a low AA levels, and brings moisture content below 50 ppm. It can dry PET in as little as 3 hours and has a throughput up to 1500 kg/hr and larger.

Resin dries fast. And stays dry.


Matsui’s desiccant rotor technology dries resin extremely fast. The desiccants large area of contact effectivley absorbs at high temperatures, drying resin in half the time while stabilizing dew points at a constant -40ºF.


Intuitive "touch & go" programming.

The new touch-screen programming makes it even easier to set up the DMZ2 to handle a single or multiple machine.

Central loading or multiple hoppers.


Maximum performance in minimal space. The DMZ2 can be part of your central loading system, or handle multiple hoppers. So you get maximum performance with a small footprint.

Routine maintenance can be performed form the front of the system, quickly and easily.

Insulated stainless steel construction prevents heat loss, and while drying resin in half the time, it saves hours of energy with every material change.


Model DMZ2 40U 80U 120U 170U 240U 500U 700U 900U
Dew Point (°f) -40
Airflow (cfm) 23 47 70 106 165 294 412 530
Available Hoppers (lbs) 33/35 110/165 220/330 440 660 880/1100 1540 2420/1980
Hopper Volume (ft3) .88/1.4 3.0/4.4 6.0/8.8 12 17.6 24/30 41 53/65
Drying Blower (kw) 0.5 0.85 1.55 1.75 2.55 2.55x2 2.55x3 6.3x2
Regeneration Blower (w) 50 94 94 420 1150 1150x2 1150x3 750
Drying Heater (kw) 1.5 (2.1H) 2.4 (4.0H) 3.3 (6.0H) 4.0 (7.8H) 6.0 (12.4H) 12.4 (23H) 18 (30H) 24 (40H)
Regeneration Heater (kw) 1.5 2.4 3.1 5.8 7.7 6.6x2 6.6x3 23.1
Absorbent Zeolite-rotor
Absorbent Motor (w) 25 25x2 25x3 90
Aftercooler Flow (gpm) 1.5 3.7 4 4 5.2 10.5 16 26.5
Aftercooler Connection (in) 3/8" 1" 1" 1.25"
Control Microprocessor w/PID Heating
Auto Start Timer Range: 10-min to 99hrs 50min
Alarm & Protection Overheat, Thermal Trip, Reverse Phase, Automatic Cool Down
Power Supply (volts) 230V or 460V 3ph, 60Hz
Maximum Temperature 266ºF (H-356ºF)
Breaker-amps (230/460V) 20/16 32/16 32/20 40/32 56/29 125 175 225
Hi-Temp Model 20/16 32/16 40/20 45/26 73/37 125 200 225
Weight (lbs) 264 352 440 760 800 1518 1980 2420
Approximate Dimensions (inches) 17x22x52H 20x28x53H 20x28x53H 31x35x72H 31x35x72H 33x51x88H 33x67x88H 56x58x88H
Available Options Weekly Timer, Dew Point Meter, Filter Alarm, Floor Frame, V-Box, Insulated Hopper

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