Electromagnetic SW Replacement

1. Turn the power off, and unplug the unit.
2. Open the control panel.
3. Check switch to be replaced, loosen the terminals and unhook wirings.
(Note) When unhooking wires, write down wire numbers and positions.
4. Remove the over-current relay (OCR) device.
5. Insert screw driver into hooking section below the front section of relays.
6. Pull forward while pushing down. Then raise up and remove relays.
7. Install new relays.
(Opposite of #6, hook up upper section to rails and push bottom section on rails.)
8. Hook up wirings.
(Securely tighten. If loose, terminals may burn due to accumulation of heat.)
9. Check setting value of thermal , and set dial to specified current value.
  *For specifications on current values, see
Thermal Settings
Before inspecting, stop the operation of unit. After confirming that the unit has stopped completely,turn the power breaker off and wait until heated areas have cooled off.
Always have qualified workers attempt any repairs.

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