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The new "ARV" Aero-Remover® was designed to eliminate powder and fines contamination from plastic pellets. It can be installed into any material line to remove resin powder and fines, to ensure more stable plasticizing and eliminate product-defects caused by incomplete melting!

Traditionally, most dedusting in plastics was achieved during the vacuum-transport delivery, or relied solely on "shaking" dust off of the pellets. The new innovative ARV Aero-Remover® allows contamination removal on the material itself- not solely in the vacuum line! Due to its unique filtering design, the material flow blends both material and vacuum pathways to achieve highly increased contamination and dust removal.

Another advantage is that the ARV does not require a Matsui® loading system to install inline, and can be retro-fit into any type of loading system using a vacuum-transport principle. In addition, when the ARV is combined with a traditional vacuum-line dedusting system, material dust and contamination is virtually eliminated during the transport process. Dust doesn't stand a chance!

It installs to any material line system in minutes! Just connect the bracket, hoses, and run!

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ARV-38 Specs

Model ARV-38 Specifications
port size (1-in, 1-out) 1.5” Dia. x 2
Items included (1) Mounting bracket, (2) Hose clamps
dimensions L x W x H (inches) 9 x 11 x 25

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