Volumetric blender accurately mixes virgin,
regrind, color concentrate and additives

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Compared to floor-mounted blenders, the JCD3 volumetric blender prevents materials of different weights, sizes or shapes from separation during loading. Materials are blended completely on the molder ensuring the right mix is delivered to the process.


Synchronizes measuring with blending

The JCD3 synchronizes measuring with blending, metering out materials that meet your presets, quickly and accurately

Faster color concentrate changes

Moving on to the next job is as easy as lifting the cover on the upper discharge opening and blowing out any residue with an air compressor. Regrind and colorant hoppers are modular and can quickly be pulled, cleaned and reinstalled.

Quick-change auger design makes cleaning and exchanging augers a snap.

Customized to your specific needs

With three different auger feeders and two JCD3 models to choose from, you can be sure of getting the volumetric blender system that best meets your needs.

Auger Feed Options


Quickly clean and rotate resins, regrind and colorant.

Hopper easily slides out for
cleaning, so unit is back in
service quickly.


Quickly pull auger for
cleaning, or switch augers for
different back configuration.


Discharge port at bottom of
hopper lets you quickly
remove remaining material.



Model JCD3 JCD3-102-U JCD3-103-U
processing capacity 220 lbs/h
measurement type volume measuring achieved through auger feeder
regrind method syncrhonized measurement conducted through auger feeder
measuring point 2 3
total volume of hopper 12L + 9L (Virgin + MB material) 12L + 9L + 9L (Virgin + MB material + Regrind)
feeding unit Auger feeder SF-50 BL (Virgin material) : 18 - 168.9 lbs/h
Auger feeder SF-40 BL (Virgin material) : 13.8-132.5 lbs/h
Auger feeder SF-15 BL-36 (MB/additional material) : 0.9-15lbs/h
measurement accuracy2-mb material SF-15 BL-36 ± 3% (.2 lbs)
measurement accuracy-regrind materials SF-50, SF-40 BL ± 13% (.02 lbs)
suitable materials3-virgin pellet: strand cut ∅ 0.06 to 0.23 in., 0.23 in long or less; square pellet 0.06 to 0.23 in
suitable materials3-mb pellet: bead type ∅ 0.06 to 0.23 in;
bridge-free material for hopper material with uniform shape and siz
suitable materials3-regrind safety solution network (open mouth: 1.37 in x 1.37 in with bridge-free material.
mixing ration: 40% maximum
volume per batch 250 grams/.55 lbs
mb ratio4 20 - 50
power1 AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz 1 ∅
apparent power 40VA 70VA
dimension 23 x 13 x 26 inches 34 x 13 x 26 inches
weight 51 lbs. 68 lbs.
Available options Alarm light, alarm buzzer, lower level alarm, alarm output signal, material loading system, tank lid cover

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