Wide-range Temperature Controller
Expand your process-flexibility!

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Introducing the new MCX2, for complete flexibility in mold temperature controllers. Featuring dual-zone heating and water-cooled chilling circuits combined into one sleek unit, it can process those hard to achieve temperatures between 46 to 194 Fahrenheit (8 ~90 C).

The MCX2 can independently control two separate zones processes, (such as mold-cavity and core) so you can dial in temperatures easily.  It also is portable enough to move from machine to machine so you are ready to mold anytime, for total versatility. It has a bigger, feature-packed, user-friendly 7-inch touch panel, dual-zone controls, high-accuracy and a compact design making it one of our most versatile temperature controllers ever!


Wider Temp-Range = More Flexibility

The MCX2 can control two zones (Zone 1 & Zone 2) independently, using highly efficient heaters, pumps and sensors, plus an integrated water-cooled chilling-circuit. The unit can be easily piped into your cooling-tower piping or factory chiller-circuit. The MCX2 reaches target temps within +/- 0.5 of set points with great accuracy and ease.  So you can mold more parts faster and better, boosting productivity and your bottom line. Why limit your temperature process ability? Now you don't have to! 


Intuitive, touch-and-go programming

MCX2's large 7" touchscreen lets you store different temperature settings, preset operations, monitor progress, detect errors, improve maintenance and more. Standard MODBUS communication protocol [RS-485] makes system  & mold-cell integration a breeze! 


Control the flow!

All medium flow valves are conveniently located on the outside of the cabinet where they're easy to reach and connect, solid-state relays for heater controls and other critical components are made of industry-grade materials.

Display Info

Intuitive Controls

The user screens have many process and status views that allow for easy and complete monitoring of the MCX2, and its features.

High-Grade Construction


The chiller circuit, heater and pump sizes on the new MCX2 are optimized for performance, footprint, while minimizing energy consumption. The internal component are of high-grade stainless steel, brass and other high-grade materials to maximize long-life, and minimal servicing to keep your process running.


MCX2-G3 03 04 06 03D 04D 06D
Power supply Voltage AC230V / 460V /60Hz 3ø
Apparent power 12.9 kVA 16.7 kVA 18.9 kVA 20.6 kVA 21.8 kVA 24.0 kVA
Breaker capacity 50A / 25A 60A / 30A 75A / 40A
Condenser cooling water Flow rate (27°C) 30 L/min 45 L/min 60 L/min 30 L/min 45 L/min 60L/min
Flow rate (35°C) 45 L/min 60 L/min 75 L/min 45 L/min 60 L/min 75 L/min
Pressure 0.15 - 0.60 MPa
Medium Clean water
Operating Temperature range 47~194°F / 8~90°C
Cooling capacity (50Hz) 46°F / 8°C 7.4 kW 11.2 kW 14.8 kW 7.4 kW 11.2 kW 14.8 kW
59°F / 15°C 9.2 kW 13.8 kW 18.3 kW 9.2 kW 13.8 kW 18.3 kW
68°F / 20°C 10.6 kW 16.0 kW 21.2 kW 10.6 kW 16.0 kW 21.2 kW
Control temperature (60Hz) 46°F / 8°C 8.5 kW 12.9 kW 16.7 kW 8.5 kW 12.9 kW 16.7 kW
59°F / 15°C 10.5 kW 15.9 kW 20.6 kW 10.5 kW 15.9 kW 20.6 kW
68°F / 20°C 12.2 kW 18.4 kW 23.8 kW 12.2 kW 18.4 kW 23.8 kW
Heater capacity 6 kW 9 kW 6 x 2 kW
Medium tank 23L
Refrigerant gas R410A
Compressor output 2.25 kW 3.38 kW 4.5 kW 2.25 kW 3.38 kW 4.5 kW
Circulation pump output 0.75 kW
Pipe connections diameter Medium feed & return port G1 (25A) G1 - 1/4 (32A) G1 x2 (25A x2) G1 - 1/4 x2 (32A x2)
Supply water port G1/2 (15A)
Overflow G1 (25A)
Cooling water inlet port G1 (25A) + filter is standard equipment Cooling water outlet port
Cooling water outlet port G1 (25A)
Cooling water filter Single filter
Outer dimension Width 17.71 in. / 450mm
Depth 41.3 in. / 1049mm
Height 56.2 in. / 1427mm
Product weight 529 lbs. / 240 kg 540 lbs. / 245 kg 595 lbs. / 270 kg 606 lbs. / 275 kg
Alarm display Medium drop, Pump- Compressor overload, Cooling water shortage
Overheat, Sensor failure, High pressure, Low pressure, Freeze prevention.
Pressure gauge Control panel digital indication

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