Drying Hopper - Dispensing Residual Materials

Will explain dispensing procedures for residual material inside the drying hopper.
Before cleaning the drying hopper, please dispose the materials.
After stopping operations and allowing the unit to cool down for five hours, start cleaning the hopper. But if the unit is still in high temperature after cooling down, extend cooling period before cleaning.
  1. Loosen the wing nut on [1].
  2. Next, swing the front side of the lid on [2] towards the vacuum pump at 90 degrees. Then pull lever of [3] perpendicular.
  1. Swing lever [3] horizontal and set back to [2].
    Check to see if any powder or pellets are stuck on the top surface.
  2. Next, tighten the wing nut on [1] (2 spots).
[Notes: For efficiency]
  1. To ensure the materials are fully used, adjust the amount of material transferring by changing the quantity of the main material tank or stop the primary conveying.
  2. If the primary convey side is stopped one hour before the stoppage of production (molding), the residual materials in the drying hopper will be reduced.

Through these procedures, there should be less materials left in the drying hopper. This should allow cleaning and maintenance work to be more efficient.