MJ3 Portable Desiccant Dryer/Loader  
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Overheat alarm.
  1. Heater Conductor (SSR) is not functioning normally.
  2. Drying/Regenerate filter is clogged.
  3. Dry overheat set value not correct.

1. Heater Conductor (SSR) is not functioning normally.
Heater SSR is engaged but is damaged due to short-circuiting, and creates increase in temperature.
Have qualified personnel perform inspections.
  1. Open control panel and check to see if SSR is functioning normally (The upper control panel is viewed by removing the outer panel on MJ3-15~150)

  2. [Point]
    Turn power breaker of unit on (power lamp should light up) and turn circuit should not be running under this condition. Measure current with clamp meter. If current is running to heater circuit, SSR is damaged.
If problem persists
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2. Drying / Regeneration filter is clogged.
If clogged, air will not circulate, potentially leading to overload to blower.
  1. Check to see if any filter is clogged.
  2. If dirty or clogged, blow clean dry air into filter and remove the clinging particles.
    1. Wear a mask and safety glasses when cleaning. Dust/particles will disperse in the air when blowing dry air.
    2. After cleaning, set filter in the original position and fasten securely.
    3. When the filter is badly clogged, replace with new filters.
Regeneration Filter Order
Convey/Drying Filter Order
If problem persists

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3. Set value of Dry Overheat Unit is incorrect.
As a safety measure, a Dry Overheat Thermostat is provided. If heat is applied to the sensor (in hopper) and rises to the set temperature on the overheat dial, operation power will shut down. Set dial about 20 degrees higher than the process drying temperature.
  1. Set 20 degrees higher than drying temperature (SV set temperature).
If problem persists
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