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New portable low speed grinder
produces uniform size with minimal dust

A larger knife area is paired with a smaller motor so you grind more with less energy. Sharp, hardened-steel knives improve cutting and last longer. Even the stationary cutter, scraper and stationary crushing cutter can be flipped to provide a new, sharp cutting surface. The SMGL3 low-speed, energy-saving, granulator grinds to a consistent size. Dusting and cutting errors are reduced, and no “longs” can slip through.

Quiet, safe operation

Chute and cutting chamber are re-designed for lower decibel levels. Units are also equipped with three limit switches and an emergency shut-off button. An integrated thermostat helps prevent the motor from overheating.

Small footprint and portable

The SMGL3 has a smaller footprint. And it can be completely cleaned from one side of the grinder. So it can tuck neatly into a convenient, out of the way place or close to a machine.

Easy-to-clean and virtually maintenance free

Hardened-steel components and easy-to-clean design make changing material and color a snap. SMGL3‘s are screenless, so there is even less maintenance and no screen to wear out and replace. The smart, simple design means years of reliable, maintenance-free operation.

Clean up and resin changes
are fast and easy

No need to spin the SMGL3 to clean both sides. You access every cleaning surface from one side of the grinder. It opens wide to expose the grinding chamber and blades. The cover lifts to completely expose the hardened steel blades and cutting bed. The lower cutting bed pulls out. Hardened-steel parts clean up fast and reduce maintenance costs.

Productivity, quality and safety is in the details

Piston assists raising and lowering steel cutting chamber cover.

Multiple safety switches ensure cutting chamber is disabled during maintenance.

Take-off can be rotated 360º to simplify hook-ups.

Powerful chute magnet captures metal and protects hardened steel cutting blades.