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Lose the moisture.
Save your energy.

It’s a resin drying, energy-saving, thinking machine.With the most advanced resin drying technology, the MJ5-i dries resin in a fraction of the time so you can start processing faster. Then it continuously monitors load demands and dials down energy consumption while keeping resin a consistent, rock solid -40ºF dew point all the way to its core.

It thinks. Therefore it saves.

The MJ5-i uses Matsui Inteli-Dry Technology to ensure you use only the energy you need while at the same time keeping an unwavering eye on your desired dewpoint . When load demand slows, the MJ5-i knows. Inteli-Dry quietly draws down on energy use while smartly keeping the correct dew point. When demand ramps up, Inteli-Dry snaps to and immediately meets the call for more.

Our "Honeycomb" desiccant wheel.

Matsui took a queue from nature and created the “honeycomb” desiccant wheel technology, then perfected it for decades. The spinning wheel is constantly presenting fresh, thirsty desiccant as moist air travels through every channel. As the wheel travels “wet” desiccant is dried and ready to absorb moisture again, and again, and again. Engineered to perform maintenance-free for years, desiccant wheels routinely still hold dewpoints to -40ºF after 15 years.

Intuitive "touch & go"

The new touch-screen programming makes it even easier to set up the MJ5-i to handle a single or multiple press hoppers. Save your program for future runs. Create new programs in a snap.

Little things that lead to bigger savings.

Large, easy-access, hopper door.

Front-of-system access simplifies routine maintenance.

Cyclonic filter captures dust before it reaches the main filter.

Removable feed line purge valve.