Notice of Cancellation and Recommendations

M/C Unit Details of Discontinued item Replacement
1. Mold Temperature Controller MCII Series Control Panels (MR-1000) Use MCN Series Control Panel (MR-980N)
2. Mold Temperature Controller MCIII Series Control Panels (MR-1100)
MCN Series Control Panel (MR-2100)

Use MCN Series Control Panel (MR-98NQ)

3. Mold Temperature Controller Heat & Oil Resistant Hoses
(MC Series Type A Hoses)
Use Teflon grade hoses
4. Mold Temperature Controller Heat Resistant Hoses
(MC Series Type H Hoses, 120 degrees MAX)
Use hose resistant to hot water
5. Mold Temperature Controller MC-H Relief Valves 1/4B 2.5K for MC Use 0.3MPA-1/4B relief valve
6. Hopper Dryer

HD-N Series Control Panel
HD2 (HD2-CP-J, old type) Control Panel
HD2 (E5ZA-4-J, old type) Control Panel

Use HD2 (new type E5ZA-5-J Series)
Control Panel
Use modified version
Use modified HD-S Series Control Panel
7. Jet Color Unit JC2 Sequencer
C-50 (OMRON)
Use CQM1H type
8. Portable Dryers Heater Board Set (Nichrome wire specs)
But Nichrome wires can be purchased as single items.

Use Heater Board Set (sheath heater spec)

9. E-300 Sprue Picker ME-100, ME-200 Control Panels Use ME-500 Control Panel

Contact local Matsui office for further details

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