DMZ Portable Desiccant Dryer

Click here for detailed drawing (pdf 50k)

Cooling Water
Daily Check to see if water is running from the cooling water inlet/outlets.
  Installation of a flow-meter is recommended.
Dust Tube
*Single Pass/Semi-Circulation (uncommon option)
Clean the dust in the tube. Unscrew the dust. Cap below the tube and dispense.
  Afterward, resecure the dust cap (prevents the dust from spreading).
Weelky Remove the lid from the drying line on the main unit and the regeneration lines. Clean filters.
  Clean the filter by blowing clean air.
  To avoid inhaling the dust that disperses in the air, wear a mask while cleaning.
Check to see if there are air leaks or disconnected hoses.
  Ex: Dangle a thin piece of paper or a thread near a hose and see if it touches blowing air.
Honeycomb Rotor
6 Months
Remove the side panel and check the rotation and direction of the honeycomb rotor.
  Check by observation during operation.
Shut off the main water supply at the inlet/outlet, remove the screw flange and clean the debris in the strainer.
  Always keep the cooling water valve closed while checking.
Check looseness of each bolt and nut. *If either or both are loose, tighten when necessary.  

* For safety purposes, please turn off power of unit when performing inspections. (Besides checking honeycomb rotor)

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