E300 Sprue Runner Dedicated Removal Robot

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Maintenance Items Frequency Work Details Notes
  Check belt tension. If belt is loose, evenly tighten the tension bolts. Adjust to ensure the belt flexes by 10mm when pressing one side of the belt with one finger.
  Check to see if there is dirt or debris. Clean if either are present.
  We recommend replacing every year.
Speed Controller
  Check tightening of adjusting screw. If loose, unit may rebound upon impact at the bottom or top end. After adjusting speed, tighten sufficiently.

(Pull Out Type)
  Check to see if there is any dirt or particles on the rod. Clean out if either exist and apply grease after cleaning.

Filter Regulator
Exhaust Cleaner
  Check if there is any dirt or water. If either are present, clean out or drain water out. (Use auto drain type for air filters)

  Check for air leaks.
  Check to see if tube is deformed, scratched, worn, cracked or hardened.
  We recommend replacing every year.
  Check looseness at each area, especially chuck clamps, clamp on main unit and clamp height adjusting bolt. If any of these area are loose, tighten.

[Notice in case of work]
1. For adjusting speed and cushioning, see Adjustment section in operation manual. Follow caution points in manual.
2. Follow the points below to maintain, inspect or adjust items other than the belt.
  1. Switch off the control panel.
  2. Remove the main air coupler.
  3. Set the mold of the molding maching with an open limit and have machine stopped.

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