GMC Mold Temperature Controller


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Maintenance Item Frequency Work Details Notes
Daily Inspect to see if pump pressure has changed or if needle shifted by more than 0.5Mpa.
  If abnormality if found, stop unit.
Coupling (piping)
Check water/oil leak.
  Inspect unit, hoses, couplings, metal couplers during leak checks.
  If leaks are found, tighten. If leaks persist, replace parts.
Temperature Controller
Check to see if medium is running under temperature set in temperature controller.  
Weekly After closing supply main valve of customer equipment, remove plug and clean strainer.  
Medium (water)
L, H Types
Montly Collect proper amount of medium from drain outlet and inspect degree of contamination.
  If badly contaminated, set receive container under drain outlet, release medium and replace.
Medium (oil)
A Type
Release oil from unit and check contamination.
  If used in high frequency, replace monthly. But if used in low freq., replace every 6 months.
Check to see if medium is leaking from medium. Also see if hose is not deformed (crushed, expanded) , damaged on outside, cracked, worn or badly hardened.
  Replace if leaking due to scratching.
  Hose will wear, deteriorate rapidly 20 degrees C below the temperature range specified below*.
  If abnormality is found at time of inspection, replace immediately.
  If the following hoses are used temperature, replace temperature, replace within one year (1.5 yrs for teflon hoses)

* Specified Temperature
  L, LL rubber hose:
(warm water) 95 degrees C
  H rubber hose:
(warm water) 120 degrees C
  Teflon grade hose: (warm water, oil) 200 degrees C
Pump Drain
Remove left board of unit and clean medium in drain.
Due to the way it is set up, drain seal cannot completely seal medium.
May see 4,5 drop leaks hourly.
Floatless Switch
L, H Types
3 Months Remove lid. Then check the contamination of switch and whether floatless runs smoothly Clean if contaminated.  
Float Switch
A Types
Remove lid. Then check the contamination of switch and whether float runs smoothly Clean if contaminated.
  Replace if float is deformed and does not run smoothly. Also, replace O-ring on lid if deformed or hardened to the point of breaking.
  Do not remove snap ring below float.
(Solid, State, Relay)
With power breaker of unit on (power lamp blinking), turn operation off, use clampmeter to measure current on heater circuits.
  Current to heater circuits should not be running if heater conductor is normal under conditions mention on left. If current is running, SSR is damaged. Please replace.
Remove top board on unit. Open the control panel and check if hook-ups to connections on any electrical unit is loose. Tighten connections if loose.
  Before inspecting, stop unit and turn power breakers off (on side of unit).
Check looseness on any bolt or nuts. Tighten if loose.  

* Cool unit down for five hours after stopping unit.

Unit temperature is very high during operation or following immediate stoppage.

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