JL4 Vacuum Loader

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Maintenance Item Frequency Work Details Notes
Checking the Filters

First, remove the catch clip on the filter case. Then remove the filter case lid. Take cartridge filter from filter case lid and clean. Remove any dust sticking to filter with vacuum cleaner After cleaning, securely put everything back in place.

  When installing the cartridge filter, set open side with packing facing the lid of the filter case.
  When used with lid not securely attached to packing, dust may penetrate blower and cause blower damage.
  Filters that have been damaged, are deteriorating, deforming or cannot have dirt removed, should be replaced with new ones. If dust penetrates the blower because of the damaged areas or the material does not convey because of the filters clogging, these may cause damage to the blowers.
Discharging Dust Under the Filter Box

Remove the cap below the filter case and discharge the accumulated dust. Then place the cap back on after discharging.
Remove the catch clips on the upper part of the cyclone dust box and empty the dust that accumulated. Place the cap back on after discharging.

  If the U-shaped packing in the dust box has deteriorated badly, has deformed or hardened, replace with new packing.
Air Kit Check for
the 2-Way Valve
Pull the adjustment knob of the air regulator up and remove the lock. Turn the knob to the left and check to see if the pressure gauge reading is "0". Then discharge the drain accumulated in the bowl. Drain will discharge when turning the drain valve on the bottom of the bowl.
  Use empty can/container to catch drain.
Metal Screen Filter inside the Collection Hopper
Monthly Open the lid of the collection hopper and remove the filter to see if it is clogged or not. If clogged, blow clean dry air to remove any dirt or particles adhering.
*If deposits do not detach after blowing dry air, use a metal wire with a sharp tip.
  To keep the filter from deforming, use extra caution when handling. Any deformities may lead to damages caused by air leakage.
  If the filter does deform, stretch filter by striking with light tools like a wooden or rubber hammer. If this does not work, replace with new filter.
  * If the packing is badly deteriorating, is deformed, discolored or hardened, replace with new packing.
Check each hose to see if there are any vacuum leaks and tighten hose bands.
  Replace the hose if it is severely deteriorated, hardened or damaged.
* For safety purposes, please turn off power of unit when performing inspections.

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