MJ3 Portable Desiccant Dryer/Loader

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Maintenance Item Frequency Work Details Notes
Cooling Water
(on water-cooled types only)
Daily Check to see if pressure of inlet port is below 0.49 MPa. Also, check to see if cooling water is running.
  When cooling water is not running, dew point may not drop leading to drying defects.
Temperature Controller
Check to see if drying temperature is controlled at set temperature. Also, check if regeneration temperature is at 356 ~ 428 degrees F (180 ~ 220 degrees C).
  Check drying temperature by pressing the "SV" switch. To check the regeneration temperature, press "Reset" and "SV" at the same time. Display is shown while switches are pressed.
Weekly Check disconnections or air leaks.
  If hose is damaged, replace with new hose.
Check clogging. If clogged, remove filter and blow dry air to remove particles.
  Unit should be cooled, and have blowers idle (stopped) before checking the filters.
  When cleaning with blowing dry air, particles will scatter in air. Wear a mask while working.
  If filter is clogged, it may lead to inconsistencies in operation, temperature and air flow. This in turn may lead to fire hazards. Extra caution is required.
  Environment surrounding dryer may affect dirtiness of filter. Inspect and clean throughly
  After inspection, reset filter and set securely.
  If clogging badly, replace it with a new filter.
Check weld damage or wear on switches and contacts. If either are found, replace with new parts.
  Cool down unit. Inspect after turning power breaker off and unplug the unit.
Air Kit
Pull adjusting knob of regulator up to unlock and turn knob to the left. If there is moisture, drain the waste from bowl. Drain by pressing drain valve below bowl.
  Drain moisture into an empty can.
Monthly Check looseness of wiring contacts in control panel and unit. If loose tighten connections.
  Inspect after turning power breaker off and unplug the unit.
6 Months
Check looseness of bolts and nuts in each area. Tighten if loose.
Rotor Drive Belt
Check if belt is cracked, scratched or loose. See if rotor is rotating normally.
  If abnormal, replace belt. Contact local service.
(on water-cooled types only)
Remove the lid, inner section, cooling coil (inner) to remove gas compounds stuck on inside/outside of cooling coil.
  Unit should be cooled, and have blowers idle (stopped) before checking.

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