SMGL Low-speed, Screen-less Grinder

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Maintenance Item Frequency Work Details Notes
Geared Motor
Daily Check for noises (esp. metallic), vibrations, high temperature during operation.
  Do not operate under abnormal conditions.
Splash Prevent Curtain inside Feed Hopper
Inspect Splash Prevent Curtain for deterioration.
  If badly deteriorating, hardened or damaged, replace with new curtain.
Fixed Cutters
Remove Feed Hopper clamps, slowly open hopper and inspect clamps. Use air cleaner, brush to clean out dust.
  When opening the Feed Hopper or Cutter Chamber, hold hopper at tipping side and slowly open.
  Do not insert fingers or hand in stopper.
  When closing the Feed Hopper or Cutter Chamber, slowly raise hopper and do not carelessly insert finger or hand between gaps. Insertion of hand or finger may cause severe cuts and broken bones
  Do not carelessly touch cutter blades. Hands and fingers will be cut due to sharpness of blades.
  When cleaning with air gun, dust will fly. Wear a mask while cleaning
Small / Large Cutters
Remove cutter chamber clamps (2) and slowly open Feed Hopper. Insert metal rod (w/knob) into hole of shaft of cutter. Inspect blades while rotating cutter. Use air cleaner and brush to clean out particles.
Feed Hopper, Cutter Chamber for limit switch confirming close (2)
Every 3 Months Open Feed Hopper, turn E-Stop button on operation box and re-set E-Stop. Press OPERATION button to see if granulator will not start.
  Do not insert hand or finger in granulator. Hand or finger may get cut off due to the sharp blades.
Every 6 Months Check if there is any looseness of bolts and nuts. Fasten if looseness is found.  

* For safety reasons, please turn power off before starting inspection work

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