SSR (Solid State Relay) Inspection
Heater Controller

(Note: Thoroughly read the below items and use insulated tools to protect against shock before starting work. Only electrically skilled workers should attempt troubleshooting.)

Basic Operation of SSR (two styles pictured)
If power is run in coil section (input), function lamp (yellow) will blink and current will run to secondary side (heater lines)

Type of G3PA "GMC" Type of G3NA "MJ3CMGD"

- While running current, do not touch the SSR or thermostat due to its high temperatures.
- After turning power off, do not touch the SSR load terminals.
Electrical shock may occur since a charge in internal circuits may linger.
- Always keep the terminal covers of the SSR units on while power is applied.
- Keep short-circuit currents from leaking into the load side of the SSR.
If leaking, it may lead to SSR damage.

SSR Types Screw
G3PB Type M3.5 0.75~1.18Nm
G3NA-210B, 220B, 420B M4 0.98~1.37Nm
G3NA-240B M5 1.57~2.35Nm

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