Secondary Convey Air Adjustments (DPD-only)

Because of the characteristics of the materials, the transfer may not be consistent. Ensure that the transfer conditions are consistent by making the necessary adjustments.
Adjusting Damper and the Adjustment Valve
  1. Adjustment Damper (Installation Position = Blower Dispense section of Convey Blower)
    Adjust the transfer rate based on the transfer condition of the materials.
    (loosen the nut, rotate the damper bolt and change the valve position.)
    Transfer rate is high. (materials are sent in a hardened state) = extend L-dimension
    Transfer rate is low. (sending at air-only condition) = shorten L-dimension

  2. Adjusting Valve (Installing Position = Air Changeover Valve)
    Change length of valve opening and adjust transfer of materials from dispensing valve.
    For materials with good transfer flow = slightly open valve.
    For materials with poor flow and highly dense plastics = slightly close valve

  3. Standard for Adjusting Damper and the Adjustment Valve

    Adj. Damper Adj. Valve
    Virgin Pellets or materials with good flow L = 63mm Rotate 1.5 rev. from close position
    Highly-mixed ground materials or materials, with poor flow L = 52mm Fully open

    * Adjust the Adjusting Damper in 1mm intervals.
    * If the Adjusting Valve opens up too much, materials left in the dispensing valve may get caught, causing the air pressure to decline. (rotate 1.5 revolutions from the close position)

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