Air Filter (Element) Replacement

[How to Replace]
(1) Removal of case
  1. Shake the case lightly and pull the lock button down with your thumb.
  2. If the arrow becomes visible, keep the lock button down and raise the case slightly higher. Turn case to the left (or right) 45 degrees (i.e. until the case mark matches the mark for the body).
  3. Release the lock button and slowly bring the case down (perpendicularly). Case should dislodge.
(2) Removal of Elements
  1. Once turning the baffle counter-clockwise, parts should dislodge as shown on the illustration (see left). Use specialized element for replacement. If a different type of element, or one with different type of element, or one with different dimensions are used, this may cause the filter to function improperly and cause damage.

    Tighten by hand, but baffle may break if too much tension is applied while tightening. Extra caution is required. (tightening torque: 27 + or - 10Ncm is sufficient)
(3) Fitting the case
  1. Check to see if any dirt or residue is stuck on the O-ring of the case. Push the case in by matching its mark with the mark of the body. (do not need to use the lock button when fitting)
  2. When turning the case in the opposite direction (i.e. vs. direction of removing), a click should be heard and arrow should no longer be visible. Lightly turn the case
    in both directions to see if it does not turn. (if it does, start over from the point of inserting case into body)
Before element exchange, always confirm that there is not residual pressure in the case.

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