Electromagnetic Switch - Replacement

[How to Replace]
1. Turn power off, unplug the unit.
2. Open control panel.
3. Check switch to be replaced, loosen the terminals and remove wiring.
(Note) When disconnecting wires, write down wire numbers and positions
4. Remove the over current relay (OCR) section.
(Note) Motor contactors use over current relays, heaters do not.
5. Remove it by unscrewing the upper terminals from the contractor above.

Locate the release tab the contactor and push down to release it.
6. While pulling down, pull forward, then remove relay by holding upward.
7. Install new relays.
(Contrary to #6 above, hook top section to rails, then fit bottom section by pushing this onto rails)
8. Rewire.
(Securely tighten all wires. If loose, terminals may burn due to heat)
9. Check / confirm set value of over current relay, turn dial to specified current value.
Note for Safety:
Before starting work, always make sure operations have been stopped and that the breakers are turned off, and the unit is unplugged.
Please have only qualified personnel attempt work.

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