Electromagnetic Switch - Replacement

[How to Replace]
1. Turn power off.
2. Open control panel.
3. Remove terminal cover, loosen the terminals and remove.
Note: When disconnecting wires, write down wire numbers and positions.
  [Point] Remove "barister" on top of the switch.
4. Remove thermal section.
5. On hanging sub-section below the relay, insert minus screw driver.
6. While pulling down, pull forward, then remove relay by holding upward.
7. Install new relays.
(Contrary to #6 above, hook top section to rails, then fit bottom section by pushing this onto rails)
8. Start wiring and fit terminal cover back on.
[Point] Check to see if the wires are hooked up at the correct positions.

(Note) Put barister (see #3 - POINT) back on position.

(Note) Securely tighten hook-ups. If loose, heat may build-up and cause terminals to burn.
9. Check set value of thermals, turn dial to specified current value.
  *See following for reference to thermal settings by units.
Click here for Thermal Settings
Before starting work, always make sure operations have been stopped and that breakers are turned off.
Please have specialized worker do work.

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