DMZ2/DMS2 Portable Desiccant Dryer  
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Blower is overloaded and the thermal relay trips.
  1. Clog in the cartridge filter (in conveying line filter case) or drying/regeneration filter
  2. Connecting hose in dehumidifying unit is damaged or has loose connection.

1. Clog in the cartridge filter (in conveying line filter case) or drying / regeneration filter.

  1. Check to see if each filter is clogged. If clogged, clean or replace.

    If dirty or clogged, clean inside of filter by blowing clean, dry air. Wear a mask when cleaning (debris will scatter during cleaning).
    1. Wear a mask when cleaning. Dust/particles will disperse in the air when blowing dry air.
    2. After cleaning, set filter in the original position and fasten securely.
    3. If clogged badly, replace with new filter.
    4. During cleaning or replacing, turn operation switch off and start after blower has completely stopped.
Regenerative Filter Order
Drying Filter Order
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2. Drying sensor is bent / damaged, or the ring nut is loose, causing sensor misalignment.
Before inspecting, stop the operation of unit. After confirming that the unit has stopped completely, turn the power breaker off and wait until heated areas have cooled off.
  1. Check the (K-type) thermocouple (on the hopper) for damage such as severe bends or disconnections.
    If any damage has occurred, replace parts.
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3. Temperature controller regulating is inaccurate.
Controller regulating may be inaccurate due to change in air rate caused by filter clogging or abnormal quantities in the hopper.

Using Auto-tuning.

  1. Auto tuning will begin when pressing the up and down triangle buttons at the same time during the drying operation.
    (During auto tuning, "At" and the temperature reading will alternately appear every second).
  2. When auto tuning is complete, the unit will return to the original PV display and start PID controlling based on the calculated parameters.
  3. To manually stop auto tuning, repeat step 1.

* Note: No alarms can be acknowledged by the controller during Auto-tuning mode. Therefore, any alarms that happen will be noticed after the auto-tuning function is complete. Also, after an alarm occurs, auto tuning cannot be performed again unless the power is reset.
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