Proximity Switch Sensitivity Adjustments

[How to change sensitivity]
Adjust sensitivity by removing rubber cap at the back of the switch* and use specialized screw driver (which should come attached) to turn potentiometer inside to adjust detection distance. If potentiometer is turned to the right, detection distance will expand, while turning to the left will shorten the distance. Number of rotation for adjusting is 15 plus or minus 3, but even if excessively turned right or left, rotation of potentiometer will not stop. It will only rotate idly. Because of this, meter should not be damaged from over-rotation.
  1. With no materials in the conveying hopper, slowly turn potentiometer to the right and stop when switch turns on. (if off, turn fully to right)
  2. Next, with materials in coveying hopper, slowly turn potentiometer to the left and stop when switch turns off.
  3. If adjusting rorations between ON position (#1 below) and OFF position (#2 below) differ by more than 1.5, switch should detect with consistency.
  4. Stop potentiometer between 1 and 2 to complete adjustment of sensitivity.
  • Keep power voltage fluctuations within specified voltage.
  • Temperature surrounding switch during use should be within -25 ~ +70 degrees C.
  • If metal particles, water and oil accumulate around switch, this may cause mis-readings, requiring periodic cleaning.
  • If switch does not work when set close to material, or recover when set too far, check the following:
    1. Is the power voltage correct?
    2. Is the material in use the proper type?
    3. Are there other object set too close?
    4. Have metal particles, water and oil accumulated?
    5. Are the sensitivity setting correct?
  • Case material is heat-resistant ABS, meaning it will deteriorate due to organic solvents like paint thinners.

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