Incredibly fast and portable
thermal conduction vacuum dryer.

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Using a combination of thermal-fin technology for heat and a vacuum, the DPD3 dramatically shrinks drying times. And since it requires only 120v power, heaters and blowers use a fraction of the energy of conventional hot-air dryers. Plus quicker drying times means you can use a smaller hopper.

Low-temperature, thermal-fin conduction and vacuum technology dries fast.


The DPD3 vacuum dryer achieves dramatically short drying times at lower temperatures than conventional dryers. In a vacuum, water boils at low temperatures. Using thermal/fin technology to apply heat to the pellets while in a vacuum, water literally boils from and is sucked out of the pellet interior.


Programming made simple.

An easy-to-use touchpad simplifies programming, enabling you to preset operations, monitor settings, view progress and make changes effortlessly.

Improved product quality

The JCW2-i is nearly half the footprint of previous units, while maintaining a maximum capacity of 319 lbs/h. This is accomplished by integrating measuring and conveying into the unit. The intelligence software keeps batches smaller and maximizes mixture uniformity.

More safety power

A thermal temperature protection circuit as well as valve safeties are standard features.

Decreases mold maintenance

The vacuum drying process pulls out much of the contamination that can clog pins and vents. As a result, molds may run for longer periods without the need for cleaning.

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