Dispense Valve - Cleaning

Will explain cleaning procedures for dispensing valves.
Before maintenance work, turn the main air supply or power OFF.
  • Loosen the two long roulette knobs, install the cylinders and remove the cover.
  • Remove any particles stuck around the cushion rubber and on the valve.
  • Remove any particles or pellet parts stuck on the seal rubber or insertion section.
  • Turn the Release Damper lever vertically, loosen the wing nut on the release plate and turn towards the plate pump side to dispense materials.
  • From the air nozzle on (Φ12), clean by blowing with a spray gun.
If the seal rubber is damaged or worn, remove with a (-) screw driver by digging in from the inner grooves. It may be inserted, but one section will remain temporarily glued with silicone.
During replacement, use a solvent to cleanly remove the adhesive in the inner grooves and insert new seal rubber. If the adhesive cannot be removed completely, remove the three seal bolts (5M bolts with holes) and remove adhesive. Use extra caution not to damage the O-ring seal in the process.

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