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Drop moisture levels faster.
Start molding sooner.

The MJ3 portable desiccant dryer/loader’s advanced resin drying technology drops moisture levels in a fraction of the time. Then it keeps resin a consistent, rock solid -40ºF dew point all the way to its core. And it does it faster and more consistently than the competition, so you can start molding faster.

Our "Honeycomb" desiccant wheel.

Matsui took a queue from nature and created the “honeycomb” desiccant wheel technology, then perfected it for decades. The spinning wheel is constantly presenting fresh, thirsty desiccant as moist air travels through every channel. As the wheel travels “wet” desiccant is dried and ready to absorb moisture again, and again, and again. Engineered to perform maintenance-free for years, desiccant wheels routinely still hold dewpoints to -40ºF after 15 years.

Resin dries fast. And stays dry.

Matsui’s desiccant rotor technology dries resin extremely fast. The desiccants large area of contact effectivley absorbs at high temperatures, drying resin in half the time while stabilizing dew points at a constant -40ºF.

Intuitive "touch & go"

The new touch-screen programming makes it even easier to set up the MJ3 to handle a single or multiple machine.

Point-to-point dry air conveying.

The MJ3’s drying hopper is designed to create mass flow with no short pass. It is equipped with a programmable loader, which releases measured amounts of resin at specific intervals.

Pellets are conveyed using warm, dry air and delivered for the next loading cycle on a just-in-time schedule. This keeps pellets at the optimum moisture level from dryer to molding machine, maximizing performance.

Extremely versatile, this efficent portable unit can be configured for a single machine, multiple machines and to receive and dry a blend of regrind and virgin material.